Car rental Orfys Rental Cars: your co-pilot

Moving quickly for a solution

Smooth service, always accessible

You’ve already noticed, we like solutions so you can get on your way quickly. Very fast even if you have to.

We understand that sometimes you need to shift gears immediately. An urgent order for which you need additional vehicles. A temporary staff augmentation that you want to anticipate quickly. Then we go into ultra-fast sports mode!

We deliver your car to the company site or to the employee’s home in Belgium. We help you 24/7!

Tax advantaged rental cars

Of course, we look at what is happening in the market. That you are going for an economical fleet is completely understandable! We therefore calculate with you what is the most advantageous scenario in terms of purchased cars and rental cars.

A purchased car that is gathering dust because an employee quit is a waste of money. With a rental car, you can respond to business needs faster and better.

The future is environmentally friendly

30% of our fleet is already hybrid or electric

Eco-friendly car rental

Greening our vehicle fleet is the key to the future! So you can rent electric or hybrid cars with us. 30% of our fleet is already environmentally friendly.

We deliver the car cleanly cleaned. In our car wash, we also keep it clean with biodegradable laundry products.

Car rental with expertise

Does a problem arise with your rental vehicle? Thanks to our expertise in mobility, auto mechanics and bodywork, you will quickly have answers to pressing questions. As a result, you know immediately where you stand.