Rentable solutions for fleet cars

Super-fast service tailored to companies

Car and van rental offer

With a fleet of more than 650 vehicles, you will always receive prompt service! View our range of small, medium and large rental cars. You can rent a car from Orfys for as little as 1 month. Need a van? You can use it for a shorter period.

Why rental cars?

  • Always helped with a solution-oriented car rental company

  • Brand new fleet that responds to market needs and legislation

  • It is fiscally cheaper to rent part of your fleet, such as when changing personnel

Would you like to know whether renting company cars is cheaper for you?

Our strengths

  • Super fast service
  • Flexible and tailored to your company
  • Deliver the rental car throughout Belgium
  • Commit to a greener fleet
  • Available to customers day and night
  • Go for the most fiscally advantageous solution
  • Brand new rental car range of max. 1.5 years old

About our Orfys team

Helping you get on your way quickly: that’s what we do it for. Because you sometimes have to switch quickly, things can also be turbo-fast with us. Like when you call us in the morning with an urgent request for a temporary rental car. We deliver it the same day! Wherever in Belgium you want that car.

Service is very important to us and that is why we anticipate your question. And what’s going on in the market of course! We are committed to a greener fleet of electric and hybrid rental cars for companies. What is most beneficial for employee and employer is central.

At Orfys we love solutions!

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The future is environmentally friendly

30% of our fleet is already hybrid or electric